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Volume 44


Editor’s Introduction



Tim Futing Liao

Symposium: Qualitative Comparative Analysis



 1.  Qualitative Comparative Analysis in Critical Perspective




Samuel R. Lucas and Alisa Szatrowski




    Lucas and Szatrowski in Critical Perspective


              Charles C. Ragin


      Getting QCA Right


              Peer C. Fiss, Axel Marx, and Benoît Rihoux


      The Usefulness of QCA under Realist Assumptions


              Wendy Olsen


      QCA Works – When Used with Care


              Stephen Vaisey


      Method Games – A Proposal for Assessing and Learning about Methods


              Jake Bowers


      Limited Diversity and the Unrealiability of QCA


              Jason Seawright


      QCA Should Set Aside the Algorithms


              David Collier





Taking Heat and Giving Light – Reflections on the Early Reception of “Qualitative Comparative Analysis in Critical Perspective”




Samuel R. Lucas


Modeling Strategies



       2.  Alleviating Ecological Bias in Poisson Models Using Optimal Subsampling: The Effects of Jim Crow on Black Illiteracy in the Robinson Data




Adam N. Glynn and Jon Wakefield



       3.  An Extended Cultural Consensus Theory Model to Account for Cognitive Processes in Decision Making in Social Surveys


          Zita Oravecz, Katherine Faust, and William H. Batchelder


       4.  Comparing Spatial and Multilevel Regression Models for Binary Outcomes in Neighborhood Studies



Hongwei Xu




         5.  Logistic Network Regression for Scalable Analysis of Networks with Joint Edge/Vertex Dynamics


             Zach W. Almquist and Carter T. Butts


          6.  Creating Measures of Theoretically Relevant Neighborhood Attributes at Multiple Spatial Scales 


              Michael D. M. Bader and Jennifer A. Ailshire


          7.  The Effect of Labeling and Numbering of Response Scales on the Likelihood of Response Bias


               Guy Moors, Natalia D. Kieruj, and Jeroen K. Vertmunt           











Weihua An

Ellen Granberg

Jon D. Miller

Martin Anderson

Mary Gray

David Morgan

Andre Assfalg

Justin Grimmer

Stephen L. Morgan

Donelle Barnes

Manfred Grotenhuis

Wendy Olsen

Pat Bazely

Marilys Guillemin

Berkay Özxan

Deirdre Bloome

Thomas M. Guterbock

Pamela Paxton

Petko Bogdanov

Shin-Kap Han

Eva Petkova

Joanna Bornat

Lingxin Hao

Raffaella Piccarreta

Sheila Brown

Michele Haynes

Lucinda Platt

Jack Buckley

Shalene Hesse-Biber

Daniel A. Powers

Marta Cantijoch

John Hipp

Karen Rasler

Kathleen M. Carley

Michael Hout

Stephen Raudenbush

Tak Wing Chan

Benn Jann

Heiko Rauhut

LinChiat Chang

Paul A. Jargowsky

Nicolas Robette

Wendy Cho

Kerri S. Kearney

David Schweingruber

Jeong Won Choi

ChangHwan Kim

Darren Sherkat

Marcel A. Croon

Christian Kleiber

Chris Skinner

Norman K. Denzin

Maria Krysan

Herbert L. Smith

Paul DiMaggio

Michele Lamont

William H. Sewell

Felix Elwert

Bin Liu

Ross M. Stolzenberg

Anette Fasang

Scott J. Long

Katherine Stovel

Katherine Faust

Bo Lu


Holmes Finch

Scott Lynch

L. A. van der Ark

Roberto Franzosi

Ann Macintosh

Jorre Vannieuwenhuyze

Graham Gibbs

Anna Manzoni

Jeroen K. Vermunt

Adam Glynn

Sandy Marquart-Pyatt

Susan Vogl

Christina Goulding

Monica McDermott

Stefanie Wind


























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